Silence, a powerful medicine for restless mind

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Whenever I look around, I always find faces with tremendous unease, angry with themselves and in most of cases, having multiple complaints with life and its pace.

I am no exception to this when I see myself in the mirror.

I am compelled to think as to how and when this shall cease. Shall there be any logical end to this mental agony?   Our social environment is full of demands and life has finally turned into plethora of compromises.

Shall there be any day, when I am harmonized with myself?  Shall there be any moment, when everything is detached from me or rather I shall detach by myself?

Truly speaking, like a true seeker, I definitely do not have any right or appropriate answer to this. But I think there is a medicine to this deadly disease.


If you observe carefully then you’ll realize that our problems do not lie with the events of external world but our reactions of those events internally.

Our upbringing has been difficult in regard to fact that we were fed with the information and opinions. We really never had the choice to choose or express our liking or disliking due to our high level of dependency socially.

We wanted to be in control of our own life and by the time we realize this, we are trapped with so called responsibility stigma.

Ultimately it results in the stagnation of every sort of personal growth.  Whatever information was programed in childhood has actually become the basis or foundation of every decision we take or intend to take.

Noble silence is definitely an effective tool to fight and overcome difficulties by maintaining it. Noble silence means that your mind is not indulged in any mental activity but just witnessing everything. You are a mere observer to your thought and not reacting or acting on these.

Thoughts come and go. You are a mere spectator completely detached from yourself.

This is probably mediation in deep and true sense.

To me, silence is only the tool I find to live in harmony.


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