Experience SELF – Meditation Music With Instructions

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For next few minutes, we shall experience self.

A self, me, myself

Who am I?

Who am I?*

Who am I?

Close your eyes and lie down on the floor comfortably

Loosen your body, your hands, your legs, your head

Let every part of your body be relaxed

Very very relaxed

Imaging yourself in the sky

Flying like a free bird

Let the music be your wings

Taking you to the infinite and unknown places

Take a deep breath

Very very deep breath

And release all your worries, your pain

And witness these washing away

Feel that you are being showered by pure energy

The energy which is you

Your soul

Let every part of your body witness it

Be a part of this miracle

Keep flying my friend, keep flying

As this is what you rightfully deserve

Nature is very kind to all of us

Given such a wonderful gift of life

To feel to experience

Our own grandeur, our own infinite

Let it go, let it go, let it go

You are in space now

Oh what a wonderful beauty all around you

What you see is light

A pure and wonderful light

And you are experience this divine blessing

Oh mother nature

Why was I so blind?

I was not seeing myself

Oh mother nature

You are so beautiful

Oh mother

Take me in your arms and make me peaceful

Oh mother

I am in pain

Please take away all my worries and pain

And bless me

Oh mother nature

I am your child and I am crying

Please wipe my tears

Oh mother

Help me to find peace

Help me

I feel

My life is draining

Hold me mother

Hold me mother

Hold me

I was so ignorant

I have failed to understand that I belong to this entire universe

And now I realize

That I am the universe

Oh mother

Thank you so much for showing me the light

Blessing me

I feel peace

I feel peace

And now I know

I am the Buddha

I am the Buddha

I am the Buddha

I know it now

I know it deep in my heart

I know it

I know it


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