What is the real purpose of life?

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If you are having the below mentioned state of mind then do watch the wonderful video just below the text.  You may probably get the direction for the right answer.

What is real purpose of life?  Who are we actually? Where are we heading for? Are there others like us?

My heart start sinking with these questions and I find myself trapped with the uncertainty of life. I can not help thinking about these questions and feel constant companionship these unanswered miseries of my own life or for that matter every one of us lives.

I may pretend to be busy by avoiding these questions but for how long and why.  I don’t think, I shall be honest to myself by doing so.

Sometimes, I feel stuck as if end has arrived and nothing seems to going to anywhere.  It may sound that it has something to do with all the material stuff; I have accumulated or still accumulating.  But it certainly does not.

Unfortunately society also does not seem to be helping in this quest. Rather it has fed me with so much of conditioning that I am trapped. I know I should be moving but I can not.

I am inside a cage, which is made of gold. I feel suffocated and want to move out to roam around to experience my grand existence. But I can not come out because I have to prove myself and defend my false ego of being big and dominating.

I have all the reasons to come out but I know I won’t and my legs do not have strength to wander into unknown.

I am in cage and I am trapped.  But funniest part of this social show that door of the cage is open and I am aware about it.

I hate to admit that but I feel like loser sometime.


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