Do not control, channelize

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Around a year ago, I watched Darren Aronofsky movie “Requiem For A Dream”.   This movie had many disturbing scenes and perfectly portrayed mind capabilities to draw a different reality using its extraordinary imagination power.  This different reality drove one particular character so much, that it started living with this reality all the time, ignoring every other thing.

After watching this movie, a very obvious question re-surfaced with intense desire to explore the answer.  What is the actual power of human mind? What is it always moving? Who is watching the mind and who is being watched?

We often hear that one must have power to control the mind. But to me, it looks like great fallacy.  Flow of thoughts is like strong and ferocious water waves forming in deadly sea storms.  It is entirely foolish to hold such waves. Even if we try to hold then we would be the only one to carry all damage.

At one side, we have such astoundingly powerful machine capable of doing anything (literally anything) but on the other hand, we are the biggest victims of this power.

Constant flow of thoughts does not let us in ease with life and is always demanding something.

Probably to my own understanding, our approach is incorrect while handling this vast force of mind.

Whenever we are trying to control the mind, it implies that we are holding on to this energy and suppressing it.  This situation leads to the blockage and generates a very restless state in mind.  No matter how hard one can try to control, it is bound to be broken in aggressive manner.

I believe, we must channelize our mind.  To do this, we must find the right direction wherein we can train our own mind to adopt new ways of exploration, new approach towards life and new possibilities.

We should also never force positive thinking on us because if mind is at peace then it will only think harmoniously or in other words peacefully and positively.

Controlling anything means forcing it to submit but channelizing means helping it to find new directions, new paths in this infinite consciousness.


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