Cost of Human Evolution

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Everything is energy but how many of us really understand this reality. At the microscopic level, matter reality unfolds itself and reveals a completely new truth.  By going deeper and deeper, matter starts dissolving itself and finally leads to a point, where it existence mere become an illusion as we encounter something new.  A new state of mind, a pure consciousness, free from ego or sense of I, emerges. In this state, only thing one can feel, is profound peace and knowledge of everything.  Nothing is secret anymore and every law reveals its own fundamentals.  In this state, one does not die or leave for some imaginary geographic place called Heaven or Mokhsha.  It is the state of bliss, in which Nature fondly embraces and allows you to be pure consciousness with infinite level of awareness.

If it is so pure and profound then why are we not reaching to this stage? Why are we still suffering?  Most importantly, why are we allowing ourselves to suffer?

According to my opinion, it is lack of awareness.  It is the unawareness about our own sense of being and letting us to forget the same.

We evolved from Apes and learnt to do many things.  Slowly Nature helped us to construct or develop our abilities of being aware of our reality. As we kept on progressing on the evolution path so our abilities of exercising free will.

Probably as trade off, Nature somewhere kept the balance and exposed us to divine and evil both in the same space.

Free will did wonder to us as it gave us the abilities to choose.  Some chose divine and rest chose evil and both flourished.

Society started forming and we as humans started building more and more matter. Because, we did not develop so much in knowledge by then that we could perceive the fallacy of matter. Also what we could see only matter all around us so probably we took it as ultimate reality.

We also found new trait in our behavior led by greed and power and race of acquiring more and more matter settled in us.   Matter was interpreted as ultimate truth and possessor of more matter was the supreme entity i.e. God as we named it.

Later societies were conditioned according these false principles and kept growing rapidly.  There were hardly few, who understood this illusionary world and looked deep inside to know the real truth.

Situation started getting worsen and now we stand in situation, where suffering has become integral part of our societies.  We are now conditioned to suffer no matter whatever we have. We are all bound to suffer as we have built societies in this way, where suffering is inherent.

To come out from this suffering, one must at least acknowledge the state of suffering. However, with having so much in mind and constantly being fed by society, it is almost impossible to shed this state.

However, I am still hopeful that one day entire human race shall understand their grandeur and shall work towards freeing themselves.

But somehow, we have already paid too much for our evolution and still paying more constantly.

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