Beyond Time

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Time, a phenomenon, is more of convenience than the reality.  We invented time to answer our own questions, when we failed to understand the flow of life and everything around us.  When we realized that we are trapped into this mortal body and have no visible means to defy it.  When we understood that we have to breathe anyway and we really could not make choices on certain aspects of our own life.  When the unbroken chains of events were having significant impacts of our life and every event was tightly integrated with other events as we felt.  When an absolute event did not make sense or could not be felt by our limited knowledge.

According to me, Universe never created time. It has only created consciousness, a pure awareness. An awareness of being fully aware and just remain.  Not for forever but for NOW.  For the moment and this is the only important thing.  They are no need to keep traces of moments but just let the moment pass through you.  Universe is in the eternal state of NOW and free from the shackles or prison of time.

Time is the worst trap, we invented for humanity.  By not allowing ourselves to feel completely in moment but to pacify our ego in the name of unfolding the secrets of Universe, we needed another parameter, which could keep track of events .Time was the most obvious candidate.

Lucy, a 2014 movie clearly explains the time as a mere perception to comprehend the reality around us.  Since reality is changing every moment and this is the same reason, moment is the only important thing, we should feel.

Alert Einstein invented Relativity Theory for the understanding of humans.  He showed that time also moves (time dilation) and this was again an effort to analyze time in order to capture and control but not to impart real knowledge.

Unfortunately, humans have always been ignorant of one thing that real knowledge can come only from experiencing the truth.  To know and feel the truth, one must have to go and look beyond time as all the answer lays there when you breach your own perception of time and become one.

I must say that our knowledge is driven by our convenience to know and understand and not on the absolute truth. Until, we feel and acknowledge these facts, we shall always be imprisoned in our false identity with respect to time.


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