Sometime it looks like that everything is fine with life. But when you look closely, you realize that you are trapped into a cage of convenience. I feel blessed to sense before it could consume me.

Manoj was born in Agra, India in 1976. He grew up in Gwalior, India. After finishing his schooling, he attended Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee (Erstwhile University of Roorkee), India and graduated in year 2000 majoring Chemical Engineering. He worked as IT consultant for more than a decade with prestigious consulting companies like TCS, Wipro, Capgemini etc. to name a few.

He gave up his consulting career in 2012 to pursue his interest in writing and music. Apart from focusing in writing and music, currently he is also running his advertising and marketing consultancy Manav Creative Production from Mumbai, India.

Naina-The Eyes, is his first book. It is a romantic fiction published by Partridge Publication.

Birth day: December 11

Residence: Mumbai, India


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