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Are we getting consumed in the race of survival?

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Let me tell you a story.

Once upon of time, there lived a wonderful ‪painter, who knew nothing but language of colors. He saw his life through colors, beautiful and wonderful colors, ‪rainbow colors. He did not earn because he needed not to. He was the king of imagination and god always fed him in some or other way. At one such time, god decided to test his endurance and faith in him, so he did not give food to this painter for few days. Painter remained hungry and lay on ground almost lifeless. A ‪devil was passing by and saw him. He realized this as an opportunity to break one more potential and wonderful soul, and offered him food and water. But in exchange he asked his colors, canvas, brush and all older paintings. This painter was taken by his weakness and hunger that he readily agreed to exchange. This time ‪‎god was shattered and had tears in his eyes because he was about to provide food and water to this painter but then devil made his offer first. Painter lost it all. He did not believe that god was still there and just testing him. Though god forgave him later but could not do anything to get his colors, brush, canvas and old paintings from devil. Painter died in oblivion though he had the ability to turn into great painter but he could not sustain the test of god.

We may think that life is unfair to us and give up our dreams and aspirations in exchange for the convenience of the life. ‪Convenience is our greatest enemy and it kills you even if you may still be breathing. This devil is none other ‪but fear, who is present everywhere in our society to exchange your dreams with so called convenience and security..

Do not die before living the life fully. ‪Dream big and have courage to take on unknown path to realize those. After all, you are just traveler on earth like every one of us.


Life is in moment

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It is a pity that we are all running and not even realizing this. We are chasing a moment of happiness unaware of the fact that this moment is NOW.

I defined the importance of love and moment in this short poem in my book.

This moment is the moment I have
I could feel and see you in this moment
I know no past and no future
I love to love in this moment
Oh, Naina, moment of undying love and purity
This is what I demand and seek
I feel the moment in this moment

We are always either in past or in future. But from the creator perspective, our definition of time is not only funny but meaningless too. A moment, which has already been buried or has not arrived yet, we devote all our focus ignoring our momentary NOW.

According to quantum theory, everything in this infinite consciousness is being reborn and destroyed billions of time in a fraction of seconds. Even Vipassana meditation fundamentals are based on this principles. It is said that Buddha and other great sage understood this mystery and propagated the same.

Because of the same reason, slow breathing techniques are outstanding stress buster. When one breath deeply,focus is diverted on life force, which is flowing from your body NOW. Our brain stops releasing stress hormones and then entire body feels easy and relax.

Unfortunately, our beliefs are more of destroyer of our peace. Since childhood, we are conditioned to live in past and future and constantly ignoring present.

I know, it needs to be stopped. This nonsense chain of conditioning must be broken before it devour and kills the peace from our true experience.

Live in the moment, because this is what you have.

-Manoj jain

Naina-The Eyes, a romantic fictional novel by author Manoj Jain by Partridge Publishing

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26/11 Mumbai terror attack not only took many lives but also wounded many hearts. Bullets fired from AK-56 were brutal and killed many dreams before those could be seen and realized. One such dream of Sameer was shattered to meet and express his love to his sweetheart Naina. Three bullets hit him and took his Naina away from him. He wanted to be buried but something kept him breathing.

Naina-The Eyes is a love story of two individual, who were deeply in love but could never be united. They were destined to remain separate sometime by Mumbai terror attack and sometimes by deadly disease.