The Meaning of true love

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Love is a longing to include someone as a part of yourself. It is a possibility to become more than what you are, by inclusion.

Falling in love,” is significant because no one rises in love or climbs in love. You fall in love, because something of who you are has to go. If not the whole of you, at least a part of you should collapse. Only then there is a love. You are willing to destroy a bit of yourself for the sake of the other. It essentially means someone else has become far more important than yourself.

But unfortunately, what most people call “love” is just a mutual benefit scheme.

But If we can look at everything lovingly, the whole world becomes beautiful in our experience. We realize love is not something that we do; love is the way we are.

When we talk about love, it has to be unconditional. There is really no such thing as conditional love and unconditional love. It is just that there are conditions and there is love. The moment there is a condition, it just amounts to a transaction. Maybe a convenient transaction, maybe a good arrangement – maybe many people made excellent arrangements in life – but that will not fulfill you; that will not transport you to another dimension. It is just the convenient.

What we do, what we do not do, is according to circumstances around us. Our actions are as the external situation demands. What we do outside of ourselves is always subject to many conditions. But love is an inner state – how we are within ourselves can definitely be unconditional.

Love is not something to do with someone else. Love is never between two people. It is what happens within us, and what happens within us need not be enslaved to someone else. For 15 to 20 minutes daily, go sit with something that means nothing to you – maybe a tree, or a pebble, or a worm or an insect. After some time, you will find you can look upon it with as much love as you do your wife or husband or your mother or your child. Maybe the worm does not know this. That doesn’t matter. If you can look at everything lovingly, the whole world becomes beautiful in your experience. You realize love is not something that you do; love is the way you are.


Naina-The Eyes, a romantic fictional novel by author Manoj Jain by Partridge Publishing

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26/11 Mumbai terror attack not only took many lives but also wounded many hearts. Bullets fired from AK-56 were brutal and killed many dreams before those could be seen and realized. One such dream of Sameer was shattered to meet and express his love to his sweetheart Naina. Three bullets hit him and took his Naina away from him. He wanted to be buried but something kept him breathing.

Naina-The Eyes is a love story of two individual, who were deeply in love but could never be united. They were destined to remain separate sometime by Mumbai terror attack and sometimes by deadly disease.